Are you interested in working with horses?

  • We offer City & Guilds Diplomas and Technical Certificates in Horse Care and Management in partnership with Abingdon-Witney College.

Post-16 Education 

  • These courses are government-funded for 16-19 year olds who are not enrolled on other courses 
  • The courses are full-time and can include further help with Maths and English.
  • Students gain a practical qualification and work experience in a college approved training centre


  • For an enrolment fee (£120 in 2023), Adults can undertake the diploma or certificate course. 
  • It is run part-time, involving home study theory work and in-person practicals which are achieved through working on the yard and taught sessions. Participants need to perform a minimum of 6 hours of yard duties per week whilst on the course.

What the course involves:

At the centre, we have excellent training facilities, and can help you build a program around your commitments. The courses are suitable for anyone who wishes to study horse care in the work place. You will study a range of topics that will enable you to work safely and effectively with horses. The topics studied will include assisting with routine stable management and husbandry tasks, safe handling practices, riding, recognition of tack, its use and cleaning etc. 

All assessments are practically based while working on the yard, there are no exams at the end of the programme. Time will be spent building a portfolio to provide evidence of your knowledge.

The programme allows you to work at your own pace within a commercial environment. Each course is 1 year long.

Courses on offer:

Level 1 Landbased Extended Certificate, or diploma;

Level 2 Horse Care Extended Certificate, or diploma;

Level 3 Technical Extended Certificate in Equine Management.

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Details of each course can be found on the City & Guilds website