• You can hire BETA standard skull cap for your lesson from us at £2 per use - this is available as an 'Add on' to you EC Pro booking.
  • Wellington boots, shoes or boots with a small heel are to be preferred to trainers which can slip through the stirrups.
  • Body protectors need to be fitted by a professional fitter to prevent injury, so whilst we do a have a selection to borrow for Cross Country, it is best if you have your own.
  • Jogging trousers or leggings are more comfortable than jeans.
  • All riders MUST WEAR SAFETY HATS and sensible footwear and clothing.
  • We do have the right to refuse a rider if suitable items are not worn at the time of the ride.
  • For x country lessons - longs sleeves and body protectors are compulsory.
  • All long hair must be tied back in a low pony tail.

We will do our utmost to keep you safe. However, horses and ponies may sometimes be unpredictable.

Our instructors all hold or are working towards qualifications within the BHS structure.

Your choice to ride is voluntary. We take care to provide suitable horses and ponies for customers but all animals are unpredictable.

We advise you to take out full personal accident cover.

All equipment supplied is regularly checked and meets all recommended safety standards where applicable.

Health and Safety guidelines are prominently displayed and strictly adhered to at all times. We have procedures in place to minimise any risks to all who spend time with us at Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre, staff, spectators and clients.

All our staff and trainees are given training in safety procedures including what to do in the event of an accident or fire.

An incident book is kept at Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre for the recording of minor accidents or falls by staff, trainees and clients.