The ABRS Care Awards are designed for riders who wish to help out with lessons at their riding school. They are based on a log book and will be tested in-house by a member of staff over a period of time. There is no time limit for completion.

The contents of the log books are designed to encourage helpers to develop increasing competence in assisting before, during and after lessons and a growing awareness of Health and Safety around the yard.

There are 3 levels of tests:

  • Entry minimum age 10
  • Intermediate minimum age 12
  • Senior minimum age 14

We run specific training days for our younger members, or you can complete your log book while being a Day Helper, or on the Pony Club Volunteer and Ride Activity on a Thursday.

On completion each logbook will be submitted to the ABRS Head Office with a small fee, to be paid directly to ABRS.  You will receive an A4 certificate and a record of your achievement will be kept in ABRS files.