Please see our new website : https://tumpy-green.ecpro.co.uk/ for bookings and more information!


HOOF was a government incentive for adults to take on, or return to, riding. It was so popular, we have continued the group!

  • Adult Group: £42 per 45 minute group. 
  • Currently (2023) running at 6.30pm on a Wednesday.

The Adult Group is a mixed ability group of riders who want to enjoy riding and socialise.

To book your group lesson, use our EC Pro website: https://tumpy-green.ecpro.co.uk

Riders who participate in HOOF find it leads to: Building confidence and your riding skills: Hacking out; Competitions; Learning opportunities - e.g. Diploma; Rekindling the bond between rider and horse; Riding clinics; Even horse sharing or horse ownership.