Stable Management

At Tumpy Green Pony Club we put equal importance to the stable management and horse care aspects of equestrianism, as to the riding aspects. 

We aim to help our members gain a rounded level of knowledge, to enable them to care for a horse or pony. 

The Pony Club offers Mini Achievement Badges for younger Members’ as well as both equine and non-equine Achievement Badges. Both types of achievement badge will help you to learn a wide range of skills like first-aid, farming, map reading, saddlery, road safety and grooming.

  • Mini Achievement Badges
  • Equine Achievement Badges
  • Non-Equine Achievement Badges
  • Competition Badges
  • Intro Competition Badges

The Pony Club also have a fantastic website to help Members improve their knowledge; 


The National Quiz Competition

2015 was the first year we entered the The National Quiz, and we came 2nd at the National Finals! So we have set a high bar.

In the spring we take part in the regional qualifier, and if we are successful we head once again to the national finals. 

TEAMS:  Branch & Centre Teams must be made up of the following members:

1 member any age under 12 on 1st January 2016

1 member any age under 14 on 1st January 2016

1 member any age under 16 on 1st January 2016

1 member any age under 25 on 1st January 201

Topics for 2016

Round 1 – The Pony Club

Round 2 – Rider, Tack & Turnout for Rallies, Competitions & Hunting

Round 3 – Well Known Equestrian Venues in the United Kingdom

Round 4 – The Numbers Game & Missing Words

Round 5 – Practical Round (Individual)

Round 6 – Points of the Horse (Juniors)  and Know Your Horse’s Ailments (Seniors)  - (Pairs)

Round 7 – Picture Round

Round 8 – All The Queen’s Horses

The Blue Cross Horse and Pony Care Competition

We also send teams to the Horse and Pony Care Competition. Members have to demonstrate their knowledge and practical horsemanship skills taken from The Pony Club Efficieny Test cards over a number of rounds. 

Over the years it has become clear how much dedication and hard work Members put in to both the Qualifiers and the Championships, and it is great to see the high standard of knowledge Members have about the care, management and welfare of horses and ponies.