Livery Types

Working Livery

Horses on working livery are completely looked after by the staff at Tumpy Green (full livery). They are used in lessons under tuition of one of our instructors to maintain their schooling and fitness. In exchange there is a reduction in the cost of keeping them on livery. This type of livery is used by many busy families that enjoy having a horse of their own, without having to be tied to coming to the yard everyday. Price includes hay, excludes shavings, hard feed, veterinary/blacksmith fees and worming. Please ask for further details. 

Before a horse or pony is accepted on Working Livery there is a requirement for an Assessment Period, this is usually one week. This is essential to ensure that the horse / pony is suitable for Working Livery. 

All horses and ponies on Working Livery are subject to regular reviews to ensure that they are compatible with Working Livery. If a horse / pony becomes not suitable then a meeting with Renee / Naomi will be arranged to discuss the available options. 

We can offer a full package of extras for a small charge, as you need them,  so that you can tailor the livery to suit you.

Thinking about buying a horse or pony, but want to make sure it will work for you?

Then we can sometimes offer you an option of a limited loan period to ensure you are a good match with you horse or pony. This is subject to terms and conditions, and is arranged on an individual basis with regular clients.

Full Livery

We currently have vacancies for horses and ponies on full livery. We can provide a tailor made package to suit your individual needs, we understand the need for flexibility and the pressures of a busy life. If you are juggling work and your horse then this may be a good option for you.

We can offer excellent schooling and fitness programs to ensure your horse is ready to have all the fun that you want together. So whether you have a competition horse, or a much loved family horse we can provide the service you deserve.

We have staff specialists in all disciplines so we can ensure that your horse is produced to the highest standards.

We can offer short term full livery in combination with a schooling package, or straight full livery. 

DIY Livery

Do It Yourself (DIY) Livery is a great option for those who have time to look after the care of their horse or pony.

We can also offer a full package of extras for a small charge, as you need them,  so that you can tailor the livery to suit you, from catching in, clipping, mucking out etc.

We fully understand that at certain times of the year you may need help with you horse care, and that degree of flexibility we can offer you.

The DIY livery option also gives you access to our excellent facilities.

Services available as required

Schooling and reduced price lessons

At busy times for the Riding School access to arenas may be limited, however we will work with you to ensure you are happy with your DIY livery.