Livery Prices

For full details of livery charges please ask in the Office, we offer a full range of additional livery services, on a flexible basis. From clipping to catching in, we are here to help, we know life can get very busy and we will do all we can to help. All additional services are priced individually. 

Prices at 1st Feb 2017

Assessment for Working Livery

Minimum 2 weeks

£100 per week
DIY Livery £175 - stabled pm from 1st Oct - 1st Apr.
Working Livery           12.2 and under £45 per week
  13.2 and under £50 per week
  14.2 and under £55 per week
  15.2 and under £60 per week
  16.2 and under £65 per week
  16.2 plus £75 per week
Full Livery 14.2 and under £105 per week (no exercise) 
  14.2 plus  £125 per week (no exercise)
  14.2 and under £145 per week (including exercise) 
  14.2 plus  £165 per week (including exercise)
  An exercise option of £20 per session for 1/2 hour
  Additional schooling sessions and additional exercise sessions are available, please ask for details. 
Part Livery Please contact the office for part livery prices. Part livery prices are assessed on an individual basis, dependent on services required. 
Schooling           £20 per 1/2 hour please ensure horse ready or preparation will be taken out of time (exc full livery)
Feed Please provide your own feed in secure clearly labelled bins
Hay in Field (DIY) £20 per week if turned out max 5 hours a day
  £25 per week if turned out 5 - 10 hours a day
Trailer Parking £26 per month